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Howard E. Deutch, Esq. Member of the Bars of Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, District of Columbia and the United States Supreme Court


My name is . I’ve been practicing law since 1973. During that time I have written a lot of Wills.

Several years ago as more and more websites appeared offering Last Will and Testament forms, I became curious. I wondered how good these forms really were.

So I searched on “Last Will and Testament” in Google. I found 39 sites that offered either free or fee-based Will forms. But when I went to those sites…


I was astounded at what I discovered

I discovered that most of the websites provide only a single form of Will which they claim can be used in all states.

FACT: Laws differ from state to state and clauses that are valid in some states are not valid in others. Most Wills on the internet claim to be valid in all states. This is simply not true.

I also discovered that most of the forms offered on the internet are very simple documents that probably won’t fit your needs.

FACT: There is no such thing as a Will that fits everyone. Your personal situation is different from your neighbor’s. Your relationship with your family is different. Your financial situation is different. Your health and the health of your family members is different. Your plans for the future are different. Your priorities are different.

If you are doing your own Will forms you need to design that Will to meet your specific situation.

I thought about this long and hard.

If I could create a program that contains a large selection of clauses — and makes it very easy for you to include the clauses you want … and exclude those you do not want — the quality of Wills would go up and the dangers to you would go down.

I knew what needed to be done.

It took me 7 years, 3 different programmers, and thousands of dollars to create Will Masterform, a revolutionary software program that allows you to quickly and easily create your own Will for free — in just a few clicks. I called it Will Masterform.


Will Masterform lets you quickly & easily create these 6 kinds of Wills …


  • • for married person with children
  • • for married person without children
  • • for single person with children
  • • for single person without children
  • • for domestic partner with children
  • • for domestic partner without children


When you open any of these forms, the actual Will appears on your computer screen. Each paragraph contains little blue words you can click to

  • • select from hundreds of alternate clauses or parts of clauses.
  • • remove clauses and parts of clauses that are not applicable to your Will.
  • • fill-in names, dates, amounts, etc.

When you select any of the alternate clauses, or make a change or addition, it instantly appears in your Will. As you make choices, Will Masterform automatically re-numbers the clauses.

Will Masterform vs. the other 39 Websites

Here’s a comparison of the major differences between the forms offered by the other 39 sites and the Will Masterform:

The other 39 Web SitesWill Masterform
Most Wills cost between $10 and $100 (some more, some less)Will Masterform is free!
Most websites offer one very general document for use in all statesI offer 51 Last Will and Testament forms (one specifically created for each state and the District of Columbia). Each one can be easily personalized to fit your specific needs
You either download a blank form and fill in the blanks or you answer questions on their website to create a Will. If your circumstances change, you have to pay for a new WillYou install the Will Masterform program on your computer. Any time your circumstances change you can open the Will on your computer and make desired changes (alternative clauses and explanations are always available to you)
You are given a form and left to fend for yourselfWill Masterform is free Will software. Guidance is available at the click of a button. Integrated information windows reveal hints, guidance, legal references, etc.

Why Am I giving Will Masterform away?

This is my grandson, Adam. He is a happy, healthy young man … now. But when Adam was 5 years old he was diagnosed with leukemia, a kind of cancer in which the bone marrow makes abnormal white blood cells that crowd out normal blood cells.

Adam went thru 38 months of intensive chemotherapy. That chemotherapy saved his life.

I think a lot about what Adam had to go thru. I think about all the other people who will have to go thru what Adam did. And I want to make it easier for them.

Over the past 10 years, the survival rate for leukemia patients aged 15 to 19 increased from 33.0% to 60.4%. That’s the good news. The bad news is the nearly 40% that did not survive.

We must find a cure for leukemia. We must save the other 40%. And I want to do my part to help speed the cure.


Here is how I will do my part


Instead of selling Will Masterform, I am giving it away … but with a request.

My request is simple. I ask that you send $10 (or more) to Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center to help speed a cure for leukemia. This is only a request. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO CONTRIBUTE.

No Restrictions, No Obligations, No Commitments of any Kind

All you have to do to get Will Masterform for your state is click the name of your state below.

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That’s it.

  • • No obligations.
  • • No tricks.
  • • Nothing to sign.
  • • No subscriptions.
  • • No memberships.
  • • No credit card information.
  • • No personal information.
  • • I don’t even ask your last name (I need your first name and email so I can send you the download link).

Frequently Asked Questions About Wills


Who Can Make a Will?

If you are at least 18 years of age (except in Georgia where the minimum age is 14 or Louisiana where there the minimum age is 16) and of “of sound mind” you can write your own Will.


Is There a Simple Way to Make Sure My Children are Provided For if Something Happens to Me and My Wife/Husband?

The simplest and most effective way to provide for your children is to create a testamentary trust in your Will. Will Masterform includes this provision (sadly, most other Will software does not).


Can I Disinherit My Spouse?

In Georgia you can disinherit your spouse. In all the other states you cannot.


Can I Disinherit My Children?

You can disinherit your children in every state except Louisiana.


Do I Need a Lawyer to Write My Will?

You do not need a lawyer to write your Will.

Using Will Masterform to make a free will online can save you a great deal of money and will probably meet your needs.

However, there are some circumstances when it would be a mistake to write your own will. For example, instead of

creating a will online for free (using Will Masterform or any other online will software), you should probably consult a lawyer if:

• you expect to leave a very large estate that might be subject to estate tax (aggressive tax planning could save you many thousands of dollars).

• you are in a second marriage and want to make sure specific children are provided for.

• you want to create a succession plan for your business and you want your Last Will to facilitate that succession plan.

• you want to provide for the long-term care of a handicapped child or you want to make sure that nothing in your Last Will disqualifies a handicapped child or other relative from receiving public assistance.

• you simply feel more comfortable having a lawyer review your Will.

Remember, many lawyers will answer your questions or review a Last Will and Testament that you have prepared for a few hundred dollars.


What Happens If I Die Without a Will?

If you die without a making a Will, your property will be distributed according to a formula fixed by law. In other words, you will not have any say as to how your money and property will be distributed.

If you leave children under the age of 18, your spouse will have to apply to the court to be appointed guardian … and he or she will have to spend money to provide a bond.

If you and your spouse die in a common disaster – a car accident, for example – the court will decide who will serve as guardian for your children. Even worse, the person the court chooses as guardian of your children might not have the same values in raising your children as you have.

You can avoid all this if you write your own Will.


My Property is Held as Joint Tenants … Do I Need a Will?

Many married people believe they don’t need a Will if they put all their property into a joint account. Putting property into joint accounts is not a substitute for a Will. There are at least two reasons for this:

• Joint accounts are only effective if one of the joints tenants is alive. If you and your spouse die in a common disaster … a car accident, for example … the contents of the account will not go where you want unless you have a Will.

• A Will is the only way you can make sure things such a jewelry, furniture, collections, photo albums, artwork, etc. go to the persons you want to have them.


Does a Will Save Me Money?

It often costs much less to administer an estate when you have a Will.

Duties of Guardian of a Minor Child

A guardian is responsible for the care, custody, and control of your minor child; to provide food, clothing, shelter, education of the child and to provide for all the child’s medical and dental needs. The guardian must also provide for the safety, protection, and physical and emotional growth of the child


What is Probate?

Probate is a formal legal procedure that occurs after your death. It:

• allows real estate that you owned at your death to be transferred to your beneficiaries with clear title.

• allows your estate to pay all expenses and debts of your estate.

• allows your estate to be distributed to your beneficiaries and cuts off further claims by your creditors against your estate or the distributed property.

What Kinds of Property Are Not Covered by a Will?

• Life insurance

• Retirement plans

• Property owned as joint tenants

• Living trusts

• “Transfer on death” or “payable on death”

• Community property with right of survivorship


How Long is a Last Will and Testament Valid?

A properly executed Will is valid until you die … unless you change or revoke it.


How Can I Change or Revoke My Last Will?

You can revoke your Will at any time by merely destroying it. You can also change your Will any time by simply writing and executing a new Will with a later date. This action automatically revokes all prior Wills. You can also modify your Will by writing and executing an amendment called a “codicil”.


Get your free Will Masterform today

Listen, I don’t want to pressure you … but you’ve really got only two options:

  • 1. Grab one of the online Wills you find on any of the 39 other websites. You might be lucky and get a form that doesn’t doesn’t cost your estate thousands of dollars in legal fees. But even then, it certainly won’t fit your specific situation.
  • 2. Get your Will Masterform and create your own Will for free. You will have a Last Will and Testament that contains the clauses necessary to meet your specific goals better than any form that is available anywhere. Not only is Will Masterform  the only free will software on the internet, it is much better (in my opinion) than the ones that you have to pay for.

As I see it, your decision is a no-brainer. So click here to get your Will Masterform now.



Howard E. Deutch